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Talk About thumbnail

Talk Bout Board


Talk About Example Board

Talk About Board how to

What I did in school today template

What I did in School Today Example





Storybook Literacy


If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Three Little Pigs

Jack and the BeanStalk




Fresh for Friday – Yummy



Food Sort

Food names




Enjoy Farm Fun

a Farm Fun Language and Math Learning


Farm Fun Language and Math Learning Animals

Enjoy the new learning book!

Can You Guess This Week’s Theme?

Speech Sound Production

/s/ seek and Find

/k/ seek and Find

Another fun Preposition Sheet

Boys on the Farm


Talk about out where the animals are related to the boys.

Dion flying in the sky preposition

Prepositions – On the Farm

Enjoy these fun boards for teaching prepositions!

Horse preposition on the Farm Lamb proposition on the farm Turkey proposition on the farm Pig preposition on the farm

Animal Fun with Phonological Awerness

Games are a great way to help children learn sounds.  And who doesn’t love animals?  Two great things combined to make learning fun and successful.

Game directions Animal Fun Match the Rhyme

Animal Fun, sound out words

Clap the Animal Fun

Finial Consonant Deletion

Speech Sound Production

Finial Consonant Deletion

Finial Consanant Deletion2




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