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Costumes and Make Believe – Halloween Fun

Use the boards to talk about how we dress up at Halloween.  Use the words to practice initial sounds as the child matches, sorts and groups.  Have fun with learning!


Work and Play Halloween Fun

Have fun with sound /p/  while doing a visual discrimination activity.  Then play a game of ghosts and brooms or do a math counting activity.

MatchingNumber match!

Turning Science into Math -For Adapted and Modified Programs

image Plant Growth and Change – Math

This PDF focus on ‘altogether’; concept of adding, counting on and grouping (subatizing).

Thinking of ways to do cross curricular activities helps to solidify vocabulary as the child sees it used in more then one place.  These are sample activities to spur ideas for your own boards, tailored to each learners individual needs.  Have fun building and learning!

Plant Growth and Change Seeds and Plants

Enjoy and this new booklet for adapted or modified programming.  The booklet is based on the Grade 4 Alberta curriculum science outcome, topic E Plant Growth and Changes.

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