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Basic Winter Boards for Multiple Purposes

Have fun with these basic boards that can be used for multiple purposes.  Students will love their simplicity as teachers put them to use developing basic language, math and writing concepts.

Basic Winter Boards

November Change Create Your Own

Save the boards to your camera roll, then add them into iESLp! You can then add in photos of the items you want for the game or use the graphic library. You could talk about what we see changing (leaves falling, snowy days), different seaonal activities (biking, walking to sledding, skiing). Games are fun, can focus on building vocabulary or help build understanding for the transitions needed when seasons change.


November Brings Change

Have fun sorting the changes we are seeing today!  Changes in weather bring changes in clothing.  Boards are good to help young children understand that when the weather changes we also need to change the way we dress.  Working with /s/ can also be a focus as we say the winter clothing items of snow pants, snow coat, snow boots etc..

image image


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