Differentiated Instruction On The Go


Adaptive programming for inclusive education means meeting the child were they are at.

Today I am very excited to share a video of my dear friend Gabrielle, with her permission (and of course her mom’s). Gabrielle is one of the students that inspired me to create the iESLp App.
Creating material on the spot, that is age appropriate and curriculum related for adaptive
programming for the emergent reader can be very tricky. Supporting the students to be able to access material on their individual learning level and participate in the lessons are crucial for inclusive education. This is what my dream for iESLp is, to create interactive worksheets and material that students can easily access, to fully participate INDEPENDENTLY, in an inclusive environment.
Gabrielle is currently in a full inclusive classroom, with adaptive programming to support her learning style and level. Gabrielle wanted to make a “vlog”, to show how she uses iESLp. This vlog shows her reading the summary that her teacher and teacher assistant created for her of a character in their novel study. They create boards, interactive, as well as structured reading to not only support the understanding of the novel study but also to scaffold learning of new vocabulary and use of correct grammar and syntax.

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  1. This is what I believe in ( no child left behind )


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