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Pre-made Boards to Print or Pop In

These St.Patick’sDay Boards target beginning reader and math skills while adding to the fun of #St.Patrick’sDay

Math- addition, counting to 20 and word problems.

Reading – word match, basic vocabulary and for the #SLP sound production  /l/ practice

Desaigned to be printable, the boards can also be save to your camera roll and added into the app.

Tracking Positive Events

With Christmas and New Years over, January can be a bit of a let down for both adults and kids.  Help build a brighter look at life into your weekly note taking with these calendar sheets.  They can be used by adults or students/clients.  Save the boards to your camera roll, then add them into the app either month by month or all at once.  Week by week you type in your comments.  At the end of every month you could save the board with all your thoughts back into your camera roll. These could then be added one by one into a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation which you could play at the end of the year to look back at all the good things that happened.

Create your own with this bonus blank template sheet white background or PNG.

Great for Adapted/Modified Programming – Easter Treasure Hunt Story

Check it out – a simple story with vocabulary and basic counting.  Great for young children who need adapted/modified program in the inclusive classroom setting.

Save to camera roll, add into iESLp and with a few quick inserts from the graphic library you have a fun interactive learning book just in time for Easter.






Picture Alphabet Match

Do you know what these people do?  Match the alphabet occupations.

Put the boards into the iESLp app through the camera roll (see website tutorial Adding Photos), add the pictures from the image catalog Letters and People

Don’t have the app – get it in the Apple App Store – iESLp









Check Out Applying the App E = Education

Check out the new resource under the Applying the App tab! It’s fun to use the over 14,000 in app graphics and templates to easily build resources in any language, for classroom and therapy use. Boats and Buoyancy thumbnail

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