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New Boards for St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Hi iESLp users! We are happy you are continuing to support the app and are asking for new boards. Over the next months we hope to post more regularly. Life has been happening for all of us and we are excited to start helping out again in your iESLp use.

Here is a start to your St. Patricks Day planning. These boards are simple in design and nature. They can be used for K-1 students to develop St. Patrick’s Day vocabulary, patterning, initial sound awareness, initial letter recognition in reading and a few fun games that develop turn taking.

Download the boards, add them in as pictures into your app and away you go. They are also printer friendly. The boards can also be save to your camera roll and added into the app. The only thing you’ll need is dice for the games. Enjoy the boards.

We know you will find your own creative ways to use the boards or build off the ideas they present!

Camera Roll Pop In Board Games



As we approach the fun and festive days of Christmas holidays we can add learning to the mix with board games.   Spending some time playing a board game with children can build healthy social bonds and include language or academia skills in a variety of ways.  Family time , with the entertainment and fun of playing a game together, helps children (and adults) create positive memories of time spent together.  Using iESLp app you can build a board game together in a few minutes.  The game you build is then tailored  to the specific interest of the players.

Below are 3 fun board games you can add into the app through the camera roll.  Check out the tutorial video.  Along with the boards, you will need one standard six sided dice to play the games.



Bonus Board Template



Easter is Near

Matching, vocabulary, reading and math fun!  Download and add them into the iESLp App for an interactive learning experience.  Pictures are found in

Dont have the app or to RATE IT go to the Apple App Store 



Recording Features Gives Alternative to Writting

imageUse the boards to help students who have difficulty with writting or are beginner writers.  Using the record feature takes away the barriers.

Save the pictures to your camera roll then pop them in as a board.  Use the new key word search feature  to add in items you want recorder onto.

See the tutorial on how to use record feature.  This is a great way to help students self assess along with self correcting until they are satisfied with their work.

image image image imageimage





November Change Create Your Own

Save the boards to your camera roll, then add them into iESLp! You can then add in photos of the items you want for the game or use the graphic library. You could talk about what we see changing (leaves falling, snowy days), different seaonal activities (biking, walking to sledding, skiing). Games are fun, can focus on building vocabulary or help build understanding for the transitions needed when seasons change.


Animal Fun with Phonological Awerness

Games are a great way to help children learn sounds.  And who doesn’t love animals?  Two great things combined to make learning fun and successful.

Game directions Animal Fun Match the Rhyme

Animal Fun, sound out words

Clap the Animal Fun

Welcome to May Long Weekend Camping Vocabulary

For many people camping is on the agenda for the long weekend!  Have fun everyone !!!

Camping Food



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